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“Eiqui Douro. L Paraíso de l bino i de l sudor.”  

– António Cabral  

From an old love for the Douro valley,  the dream was born of embracing the slopes full of history   and sowing the future in them. After two years of a selection process in search for a privileged Douro view, it was found in the modest Folgosa do Douro, a stone’s throw from Peso da Régua, the fertile land for sowing.  

There, the river flows and roughly cuts the mountains at every sunrise. Time runs in it too, taking fables from other times and bringing affections to life. The sun sets, and, the next day, everything happens again, in a peaceful routine. 

It was 2017, and the first step was taken in the acquisition of the properties that would become Quinta Vale de Lobos, which in fact steals its name from the first property acquired, hand in hand with Serralheira. A year later, it grew to include the largest of the three, Mata Rapada, and make up a total of around 10 exciting hectares. September 2018 arrived, the vineyard was cleaned and studied, among a lot of vines and a lot of grapes, the inexperienced hands of family and friends picked the first bunches and a draft was born – the first wine.

The preservation of the old vines, owner of these lands for so many decades that they cannot fit in one hand, was seen as a priority – the gaps were repaired and part was reconverted and restructured. The year of 2019 arrived and the new vineyard was planted. Along the way, the footprints of the ancients were followed, maintaining the shale pillars and the characteristic features of the tortuous landscapes. We toasted the arrival of 2020 with the first nectar of the last harvest: Mata Rapada was baptized.

The challenge of building walls remained to be tackled in the heart of the World Heritage Site. After 3 turbulent years, we demolish those who separate us from you, and finally open the doors of our, more likely yours, home.

In 2023, the vineyard is eplanted and the hope is that we will have a toast pretty soon. 

Be welcome.

CM1100, Quinta Vale de Lobos – 5110-204 Folgosa (Armamar) – Portugal

Whatsapp +351 930 680 800




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